Bedrock MHC Fund II


  • Target Annual Cash 12%
  • Target IRR 18%
  • Target Equity Multiple 2.8x
  • Asset Profile Value Add
  • Minimum Investment $25K
  • Estimated Hold 7Y
The Bedrock Group Potomac, MD

Manufactured Home Community Fund

About this Fund

The Fund’s investment objective is to source, acquire, manage, finance, and ultimately sell Manufactured Housing Communities ("MHCs") throughout the United States. The Fund aims to provide accredited investors direct access to returns generated from the ownership, operations, and appreciation of these MHC assets through the life of the Fund.

The Fund’s primary strategy is to acquire underperforming but cash flowing MHCs throughout the United States and reposition and stabilize them as high yielding, income-producing assets. After purchasing MHCs, the Fund intends to generate profits from the operations and eventual sale of the MHCs.

The Investment Manager has identified certain MHCs for potential acquisition by the Fund. The Investment Manager expects to create a portfolio comprised of between fifteen (15) to twenty (20) MHCs within two (2) years after the final closing of the Offering, provided we raise the full amount of capital sought in the Offering. This would result in roughly five thousand (5,000) to seven thousand (7,000) total manufactured/mobile home lots under management.

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Key Points

  • Consistent 8% Preferred Equity Returns with approximately 5% or higher additional Equity Returns from Mobile Housing Communities (MHC) across the USA.
  • Diversified investment with less than 5% of the portfolio allocated to any one MHC.
  • Cash flow from day 1 of acquiring new communities.
  • Flawless disbursement record since inception in 2012.
  • Invest your IRA or other retirement account as funds approved through Pensco Trust and Entrust.
  • Advantages such as depreciation write-offs due to accelerated depreciation.


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Offering Financial

Location Details


Mobile Housing Communities across the United States
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Offering Agreement Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about this offering.

Per the PPM and offering documents, investments below $250,000 fall into 'Class B' with a different structure (6% pref, return of capital, then 40% of remaining proceeds to the investors). For investors who invest through RealCrowd, Sponsorship has elected to aggregate these individuals into an SPV (special purpose vehicle) that allows the investments to sum up to more than $250,000 and be contributed into the fund with 'Class A' treatment (8% pref, return of capital, then 60% of remaining proceeds to the investors).

The first projected distribution is scheduled for April 2018.

Distributions are scheduled to go out on a quarterly basis.

Yes, US and non-US residents are welcome to apply. Please contact the sponsor for more details.

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